The opportunities for trade between United States and Eastern and Central Europe are endless. The economies of this region are turning a critical corner. The emergence of the consumer and a growing middle class creates a big demand for domestic and imported products -- from food products to agricultural machinery, fertilizers, chemicals, plastic and metal products, building materials, computers, electronics, medical equipment and more.

The governments, armed with new credits and aid from the IMF, World Bank, European Bank of Reconstruction & Development, the European Union and the United States, are investing heavily in infrastructure, and thus creating huge opportunities for U.S. companies in Power Generation, Gas Distribution, Railroads, Communications, Water and Sewer Systems, and Roads and Bridge construction.

The buying power of the U.S. consumer is the biggest in the world and it can absorb any product produced in Eastern and Central Europe, given that the product or service is of good quality, priced competitively, and appeals to the tastes of the consumer. If your company produces a product you want to sell in the United States we will help find the distribution channels to sell your product.

Our Company

Axen Imports-Exports was formed in 1999 to facilitate trade between the United States and Eastern and Central Europe.

Understanding the cultural differences, as well as the different ways business relationships are formed, is an essential part to successfully complete a business transaction.

Since 1991 our partners and the president of the company have diligently formed relationships and contacts in several countries in major industries and government ministries. We traveled extensively to the area and visited repeatedly Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and others.

Our efforts to explore the markets, develop contacts and seek business opportunities gave us access to business and government leaders and helped us gain valuable knowledge into the differences in cultures and the way business in done.

In the United States we developed sources in major industries and gained access to several government programs aimed to help trade between U.S. and Eastern and Central Europe. Our company is in a unique position to act as a breach and as a buffer between the different cultures and to brink many business ventures to a successful conclusion.

Our Approach & Geographic Focus

We operate on a network basis using the skills and expertise of a number of professionals in business and government. Our contacts in the countries and regions we operate are indigenous to the area in which they work. They speak the local language and are familiar with the local conditions, business practices and traditions.

Although we operate throughout Eastern and Central Europe, our focus and major contacts are in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria.

Our Services

Our services are directed to small- and medium-size enterprises as well as entrepreneurs who do not have the time and resources to travel and explore new markets.

We operate as a third party in strategic partnerships or single sales, minimizing the risk to your company. We act as a buffer so you are insulated from matters such as culture, language, politics, ethics, rituals, values and customs. Your company can focus on the service or product you will deliver. We will handle the logistics, certification, find the best way to transport, clear customs, and handle the legal and financial aspects of the deal.

Our partners are constantly looking for new opportunities in their respective countries and we are actively searching for suitable companies to undertake these projects.

Our Accounting Associates and Financial Consultants

We work closely with HLP Afxentiou & Partners accounting firm. They handle many of the accounting and financial aspects of our projects. Their extensive experience and large customer base in Eastern and Central Europe provide us valuable information to identify new projects and avoid pitfalls.

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